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Tracy K Melchior


Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.

- Moshe Feldenkrais

Areas of Expertise

The Feldenkrais® Method, Anat Baniel Method® for Children, Anat Baniel Method® for Vitality & Anti-Aging, Anat Baniel Method® for High Performers, Psych-K® Facilitator

My Work

At any point throughout our lives, we are able to rewire our brains to improve the way we move, think, and feel. This is called neuorplasticity - the brain's ability to change itself. Our brains are constantly changing and adapting to our experiences, and our perception of those experiences. The information we provide our brain is key to our physical, emotional, and cognitive health and wellbeing.


Oftentimes, we may not even be aware of the habits we have acquired and ways in which we are programming ourselves, positively or negatively, through our thoughts and actions. The key to communicating with our brain for enhanced functioning and positive change is movement. Movement provides the information our brains need to grow and organize.


Neuromovement® helps one become of aware of patterns that are not serving us and uses specifically designed movements, customized to each individual, to transform limitations into possibilities. I take a holistic approach where the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one's self are considered in order to align one's intentions and actions, allowing each person to live to their highest potential. 


                     Nothing happens until something moves.                                                           - Albert Einstein



Who Benefits

Anyone who wants to upgrade their functioning and be able to move, think and feel their best!

Children with Special Needs

Regardless of the diagnosis, my goal is to help the child become a better learner. Using Neuromovement® to communicate with the child's brain creates new neural connections, providing the child with the experiences necessary to better organize his or her thoughts, actions, and emotions.  I focus on what the child can do, rather than what he or she cannot do, allowing him or her to move beyond limitations to new possibilities. 

Some of the conditions I have worked with are Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Developmental Delays, Genetic Disorders, Scoliosis, Autism, Premature Birth, Stroke, and Non-fatal Drowning.


Science has shown that 95% of our brain activity is unconscious. Our emotions, habits, patterns, automatic body functions such as breathing, and our personality are all controlled by our unconscious mind. Thank goodness our unconscious mind automatically handles so much for us - can you imagine if we had to pay attention to every beat of our heart or step we took? At the same time, it's pretty astonishing to realize that only 5% of the time we are using our conscious mind - the part that is actively aware of our actions and choices! 

Habits and patterns can be useful. However, over time, inefficient, habitual movement patterns can create limitations in our function and even lead to pain. We may accept this as an unfortunate part of the aging process or result of chronic pain or injury that we just have to live with.  It doesn't have to be! Because our subconscious mind is at the realm 95% of the time, we aren't even aware that we are moving, thinking or feeling in a way that isn't serving us. Pain, injury, or trauma is usually the wake up call that forces us to look at what we are doing and how we can function and feel better. 

I help people become aware of how they are moving and discover new possibilities which are more efficient and pleasurable by tapping into the incredible power of the brain to create new neural connections. 


I have worked with people suffering from chronic pain, intermittent pain, recovering from various surgical procedures, Stroke, Scoliosis and Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, I have worked with people who already function at a high level who want to upgrade and refine themselves further. 

My Approach

What Clients Say

I wanted to tell you something kind of exciting! After Jack finished his mini-intensive with you, something just clicked for him while reading and writing. At the beginning of break, he was reading and writing words, and the occasional sentence but it was still pretty hard for him. Since last week, he has been writing PAGES—full stories that are several pages long. He’s also reading whole paragraphs. This is totally new, and I know it was working with you. He didn’t do any tutoring or anything academic over break. So some other outside factor seems to have come into play. I’m pretty impressed and very grateful! ❤️

- Elizabeth

I Just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You are a real blessing. I want you to know your kindness and generosity have made a significant positive impact on my road to recovery. I know God put you in my life at the perfect moment. Thank you for having an open heart to give of yourself and your talent to help others heal. 


We have been working with Tracy on and off for the last two years. After our first ABM lesson, our daughter, who has a rare neurological condition, began to walk. We have no doubt that Tracy helps our daughter to become more aware of her body, movement & abilities. We took some time off during the pandemic and recently started working with Tracy again. Even our daughter's preschool teacher has commented on how much more engaged she is in school. We have noticed the same at home. Our daughter is attempting skills we thought she had lost forever. Tracy is indeed helping our daughter move beyond the limits of her diagnosis. The knowledge, compassion & intuition of her practice is truly a gift. 


"As a man over 55, getting older & staying active has been a challenge. I am not into new-aged medicine, nor do I want to take a pill for a shoulder or back injury. I have been going to Tracy Melchior for the Feldenkrais Method for acute pain & to regain my balance. I have had remarkable relief from Tracy’s thoughtful approach. The Feldenkrais Method is retraining your body to work more efficiently, correcting my movement & posture so I do not injure myself more by compensating for injuries. At my age, I am compensating for enough. I highly recommend Tracy Melchior for the Feldenkrais Method. “

- Jeff

Using a Touch Phone

Contact Me

Go to for a worldwide listing of practitioners applying principles of neuroplasticity to advance the Child with Special Needs.

Contact me to set up a free phone consultation. I would love to learn more about you and how I might help you.

Tel: 214-454-5339


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